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Mega328 M328 LCR-T4 ESR Meter LCR led Transistor Tester Diode Triode Capacitance MOS PNP/NPN

Mega328 M328 LCR-T4 ESR Meter LCR led Transistor Tester Diode Triode Capacitance MOS PNP/NPN
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Features :

  • 1,2013 latest M328 version of the software ,more functions.Chip: Atmega328
  • 2.128*64 big Backlight LCD display,only 2mA when stand by.
  • 3,Using 9V battery (Not included)

Test ranges:

  • Inductors, capacitors , diodes, dual diode , mos, transistor, SCR , the regulator, LED tube , ESR,
  • Resistance,Adjustable potentiometer
  • Resistance :0.1 ohm resolution, maximum 50M ohm
  • Capacitor :25pf -100,000 uf
  • Inductors : 0.01mh-20H


  • 1:Automatic detection of NPN and PNP transistors, n-channel and p-channel MOSFET,
  • diode (including double diode), thyristor, transistor, resistor and capacitor and other components
  • 2: Automatic test the pin of a component, and display on the LCD
  • 3:Can detect the transistor, MOSFET protection diode amplification coefficient
  • and the base to determine the emitter transistor forward biased voltage
  • 4: Measure the gate and gate capacitance of the MOSFET threshold voltage
  • 5:Use 12864 liquid crystal display with green backlight
  • Specifications: For you reference
  • 1,One -button operation, automatic shutdown .
  • 2,Only 20nA shutdown current.
  • 3,Automatically detect NPN, PNP bipolar transistors , N -channel and P -channel MOS FET,
  • JFET , diodes , two diodes, thyristors small power unidirectional and bidirectional thyristor.
  • 4,Automatic identification components pin arrangement .
  • 5,Measuring bipolar transistor current amplification factor and base - emitter threshold voltage.
  • 6,Via the base - emitter threshold voltage and high current amplification factor to identify
  • transistors.
  • 7,Can detect bipolar transistors and MOS transistors protection diodes.
  • 8,Measuring the gate MOS FET threshold voltage and the gate capacitance.
  • 9,Can simultaneously measure two resistors and resistor symbol is displayed.
  • Displayed on the right with a decimal value of 4 .
  • Resistance symbol on both sides shows the pin number.
  • So you can measure the potentiometer.
  • If the potentiometer wiper is not transferred to an extreme position ,
  • we can distinguish the middle and both ends of the pin.
  • 10,Resistance measurement resolution is 0.1 ohms , 50M ohms can be measured .
  • 11,Can measure capacitanceCan measure capacitance of 30pF-100mF , resolution 1pF.
  • 12.2uF more capacitors can simultaneously measure the equivalent series resistance ESR values.
  • The two can be displayed with a decimal value , resolution 0.01 ohms.
  • 13,Can be in the correct order and the diode symbol display two diodes , and gives the diode forward voltage.
  • 14.LED is detected as a diode forward voltage higher . Combo of the LED is identified as two diodes.
  • 15,Eeverse breakdown voltage is less than 4.5V Zener diode can be identified.
  • 16,Can measure a single diode reverse capacitance.
  • If the bipolar transistor connected to the base and collector or emitter of a pin ,
  • it can measure the collector or emitter junction reverse capacitance .
  • 18 can be obtained with a single measurement rectifier bridge connection.

Notice: Before measuring capacitance , the capacitor must be discharged , otherwise very likely damage the meter .

Shipping List:


  • 1PCS * Mega328 Transistor Tester Diode Triode Capacitance ESR Meter MOS PNP/NPN M328



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